Stefano Moroni


My name is Stefano Moroni. I am a concept artist and freelance illustrator. At the moment I am working for GoodGame Studios as a concept artist in Hamburg, Germany. My clients include Wyrd Editions, Margaret Weiss Productions, Figone Miniatures, Skullmini Miniatures and others.

My works have been featured in Imagine FX, Lucca Comic and Games Convention (Area Performance), Selection of European Artists in Cremona, and various personal shows.

I won a gold medal in the World Championship of Modelism 2014 in Stresa, Italy as concept artist for the category Fantasy Masterclass.

I have been a teacher in Academy of Art in Sanremo, Italy for 3 years.

Outside of Art I have a magna cum laude degree in Psychology and worked in the field of Psychology for 3 years.


  • Sketches
  • Final Pencil Design
  • Traditional Drawing & Painting
  • Characters
  • Concept Art
  • Anatomy